African Alternative remedies and treatments can often help individuals with asthma manage their day-to-day symptoms.

Dew Chifa is a topical anti-inflammatory creams. It can reduce swelling and pain caused by many health conditions and injuries. This is widely use in West Africa to heal inflammation in the body.

Fallaw Health and Wellness

Traditional African Herbal resources business for our overall well-being. Enjoy exclusive African Herbal and Spiritual products to get your mind, body and Soul back to its healthiest state.
Our Products are traditional and Spiritual

Please call us at 001 763 202 4554 or via Whatsup at 001 612 227 8475 to discuss your personal health concerns and how Africa can help you restore your optimum health in an Alternative fashion.


Spread culturally the work of Serigne Touba and Mame cheikh Ibrahima Fall is the main goal of FALLAW AND WELLNESS AND FALLAW HEALTH AND WELLNESS FOUNDATION.


Everything is duable with Nature


Our Ancestors used plants to treat their physical concerns.They used plants for various ailments: they use this for medicines, spiritual protections, for nourishment, for cosmetics, for clothing and many more usage. Fallaw Health and Wellness is using our Ancestors form of Health and Wellness to help the body with its own LIFE FORCE in eliminating health problems.

JEREJEF! meansThank you in Wolof and many blessings to all our Ancestors.

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Fallaw Health and Wellness Foundation

What we think from our Cultural and Spiritual realm !

The superior doctor prevents illness. The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness. The inferior doctor diagnose actual illness. God, Nature and our ancestors HEAL !

I am from Senegal born in Dakar. I have never been introduced to the healing power of African Herbs until I attended the University of Minnesota and was awarded the Paulo Freire International Grant. I took it to Senegal and Gambia to be research, discover and been taught this magnificent power.

I have decided to share my cultural healing power to the work in a way that was never embraced. Today i employ rural women in African to selection and culturally curate my herbs.

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Fallaw Health and Wellness is a unique, natural African herbal resourses business for your overall well-being,

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Herbs are for Everyone! Thoughtfully sourced herbs, tea, spices and more.

We stock a large selection of bulk organic, biodynamic and wildcrafted medicinal herbs, tea and spices from West Africa.