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Strengthening Sexual Ability – Treatment of Sexual We

akness. Increases Excitement and Energy Help with premature ejaculation, help with pain: back, Kidney, Bladder feet. Increases Body Size and Strengthens Breasts, Beautifies Chest, Helps with painful periods and small losses.

Dear Queens, if your husband or partner can no longer satisfy you in bed because of the transient decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness or premature ejaculation, now you can help by adding DEGEUR KENG regularly in his food.

DEGEUR KENG is the secret of Senegal combines an aphrodisiac Flavor – Vitality – and Health. Powerful aphrodisiac African product that is used to cause an erection hard and long to stimulate sexual desire and awaken the senses.

PRODUCT INFO​ – Excellent aphrodisiac herbal natural, DEGEUR KENG is an aphrodisiac for Men and Women.

It comes in powder form and is an excellent incentive for your very flavored seasonings (Meat, Fish, Crustaceans and all kinds of sauces and marinades.)

Sprinkle, knead and then eat at will.

With DEGEUR KENG, Your kitchen will have a new flavor with its natural flavors, but also your health will improve share medicinal plants that compose it. There are many being sold, we get ours from Baye fall herbalist who adds some special secrets and power to this blend.

*The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

MUST READ CAUTION: Our advice to anyone is to do research and consult your health care practitioner before using anything, and do not take anything you are not sure of if you take medications, or have a health condition, or exhibited sensitivities to anything in the past. This disclaimer is not only for this product but for evaluating everything in life. Specifically, sexual dysfunction can be a psychological, circulation issue, heart issue, so you have to investigate – this is not for sexual dysfunction caused by lack of circulation.



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