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Bakasan blend is used in the traditional therapy of various liver and gall bladder problems, such as jaundice, hematuria, bilious fever, cholagogue action (due to the colombine compound) and febrifuge (due to the alkaloid palmitine), treats various hepatic disorders such as jaundice, hepatitis, following an attack of malaria and yellow fever.

As Afrikans we know in a traditional fashion that in the cells of the entire plants in this blend, especially the stems and roots of the natural plants in Bakasan there are active agents which can be used to make preparations for the therapy of cancerous diseases of the human beings in Afrika.

Directions: Mix 1 teaspoon of the Bakasan with 1.5 liters of boiled water, mix for about 1 minute, filter and drink the infusion prepared after cooling down throughout the day after each meal for 3 days in a row, continue the therapy by making the same preparation with 1 liter until finished.



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