Healing Water

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This Healing water deals with many spiritual forces to help you body heal itself. This is a must have for the family as well.

In the age of modern medicines, where one would run to take a pill to cure even minor health ailments, it’s nice to stop and think if our grandmothers would have done the same thing. Perhaps not. But those days were different, people were naturally healthier and had a stronger immunity. Maybe they did something differently?

Afrikan herb infused water is a common ancient practice that has been used for years by our traditional healers to heal ailing bodies. Due to the easy availability of herbs and spices, these healing waters can be conveniently made at home.

This Healing water is also use in bizarre situations such having Erotic dreams, many incompatibility in relationships, excessive and repeated losses, consitant failure in businesses etc..

It is a very powerful spiritual cocktail used with secret from the Bible verses and the Quran verses.


Directions: Dilute the entire bottle in 10 liters of drinking water and drink and rinse with it each day until finished.


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