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Sideme is widely use in Afrikan Alternative medicine as it is believe to improving muscular strength and weight, for preventing liver and bladder diseases and stress ulcers, and as a sedative. It is also used in West Afrika to reduce constipation and to reduce symptoms of some medications. It is believe to help with many ailments as they are anodyne, anticancer, antidote, expectorant, pectoral, refrigerant, sedative, stomachic, styptic and tonic. Also they are considered to purify the blood and aid digestion. We love it as it give relief because of it medicinal power that provide support and are used internally in the treatment of a range of conditions including chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, pharyngitis, bronchitis, anaemia, irritability and hysteria.

Directions:  Take one teaspoon with 1 litre of boiled water.  Strain it and drink 8 oz of  it 2 times during the day.  Continue the process until finish.


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