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This pair of Spiritual perfume is 100% blessed with powerful Afrikan energies from the Metu Neter wisdom and a very powerful spiritual cocktail used with secrets from the Bible verses and the Quran verses.

.  In today world there are so many forces haunting you. This powerful scent is a spiritual protection as well as a force for you to access all that your divine existence must accomplish in you life.  You are stuck in your life this is opportunity to unlock.

We are in constant relation to our ancestors and this will help you receive from your ancestors protection what you are entitle to.

Thiate =  Bad Energies

Bayre = Fortune as a WHOLE.

It is best use with situations like an experience with evil eye, evil language, blockage, lack of motivation, loss of money, repeat failure.


Directions:  Touch a little bit of each spiritual perfume in you body twice a week.

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  1. John

    Very good product

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